Cum Pills

Also known as Sperm pills, Porno pills, Sperm enhancers, and cum gushers

Are there any other types of cum pills on the market?

Yes, there are many other types of cum pills available to choose from on the market today.

Watch out for some of these brands! There are some very dangerous pills going around on the internet. Including, but not limited to a highly risky prescription only Female Fertility drug known as Clomid which works by introducing extra female hormones into the body. Men have been taking clomid in an attempt to produce a higher volume of sperm. Which due to health risks I would definitely not recommend taking.

Besides Morgasm. The only other product that works is called Spermomax The Maximum formula rely's more on vitamins and minerals and amino acids to get the job done. As well as Niacin and Zinc. These pills contain Epimedium Sagittatum otherwise known as
(Horny Goat Weed) Which is a powerful aphrodisiac and herbal impotence cure in itself.

Maximum Pills are a great product and do work great. If you are serious about shooting a bigger money shot, I suggest taking both.

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